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Kinloch Update : Happy New Year

I know I know. It’s been a while since I’ve updated the site on what’s been going on with The Kinloch Doc. Life just continues to happen and move faster than anticipated. Such is my life.
But all is well.
While the production side hasn’t moved as swiftly as I hoped (idk what I hoped, really), major things have been happening on the preparation and development side – both personally and professionally.
Since August, I’ve been involved with Continuity, a local non profit that works to bring diversity in media production. I talked a little bit about it (here) but just to re-cap:
I was selected as one of ten students in the inaugural Continuity Media Production Training Program. My instructors are local artists in filmmaking and we meet every Wednesday evening for a few hours where we go over everything involved in production from storyboards to editing in Final Cut Pro. The class spans over 9 months and is broken up into three phases. We are currently in phase 2. In phase 3, we’ll be going over the business aspect of media production (Im looking forward to this the most.)
We are currently in week 15 of the program and I can tangibly feel my growth. I told my instructors how I was always intimidated by my camera and editing software. I always had the resources but never sat down to teach myself. Now, we are already editing our second project on our own. I even bought a Final Cut Pro shortcut keypad for my Mac book 🙂
Outside of class, I’ve been afforded other opportunities within media production that’s coming in handy with prepping for the Kinloch Doc. I had the opportunity to be a Production Assistant for a documentary about the Homer G. Phillips hospital here in St. Louis titled, The Color of Medicine. I was a human sponge that entire weekend, taking mental notes about coordinating a day of production, conducting interviews, renting equipment, maintaining relationships with interviewees, getting releases, etc. A lot of the people I met during production have ties to Kinloch and are eager to assist with the Kinloch Doc (fist bump). Thank you, Joyce!
Last, but definitely not least, I was awarded one of the very first grants I applied for through the Gephardt Institute at Washington University. With that, I’ll have the resources to add to the Kinloch Doc team as well as any additional equipment I’ll need to get through equipment.
Production kicks off again next weekend.
Stay tuned.
Alana Marie, Director.

The Day I Understood the Power of Documentaries

In October of 2012, I got hip to the ESPN series titled 30 for 30: a number of documentary films highlighting significant people and events in sports history. This specific film was about Ben “Benji” Wilson, Chicago’s #1 high school basketball player gunned down one day before his senior season opener in 1984.

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Director Daily: 8/25

One thing you will always see me write about in these posts is PURPOSE and what I experienced today is another affirmation of just that.

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Director Daily: 8/23

There’s been a large gap in time between my last director daily but trust and believe, a lot has been going on with the documentary.

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Director Daily: 7/9

This past Friday was completely dedicated to Kinloch. During my lunch break, I met with Emma Riley, another Wash U alum and producer/director of Displaced – a short film about the erasure of Blacks in the City Clayton, MO.

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Director Daily: 6/27

This morning I met with Justine Blue: City Manager of Kinloch. I learned her maiden name is Wells and we are apparently some “kin” to each other, which is of no surprise to me.

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Director Daily: 6/26

I spent my entire evening playing around with the Kinloch website. It was my first time viewing the site again since we first purchased the domain last month and I see that Devin has been putting in a lot of hours.

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Director Daily: 6/23

My Aunt Violet, another Kinlochian (as I’ve heard it called) passed away today. That now makes both of my Grandparents, Uncle Pee Wee, Aunt April, Uncle Russell, and now her.

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Director Daily: 6/20

I reached out to Dan Parris, the Executive Producer and Director of the film Show Me Democracy. I learned that his film actually features the center the organization I work for: St. Louis Graduates High School to College Center.

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First School, Last Hope: the Story of Holy Angels Parish

The playground was concrete. In the 1990s, the all-black Catholic school, which nested within a once-flourishing farming community, now had no vegetation in sight except for the grass within the gated yard of the rectory where the white priest stayed. At recess, kickball was the main event.

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