The Director

Alana Flowers, Director/Producer

Alana Flowers is a St. Louis, MO native with a love for social and economic empowerment. She holds a Communications and a Masters degree in Social Work (MSW). Her mission motivates her: mobilizing the nation, one abandoned community at a time. By tapping into her love of Black empowerment, higher education and the advocacy of single parenting, Alana is getting back to her family’s roots: documenting on film the untold history of Missouri’s first black city, Kinloch. When Alana searched for historical film of Kinloch, she discovered that very few images existed. Recognizing there was a community need for telling Kinloch’s story, she decided to pursue the documentary project by creating the film herself. While Alana is on a mission of learning more about her bloodline, she is also unveiling the story of Kinloch, a city with a rich history that goes beyond its 1948 incorporation. When not researching and working on her passion project, Alana can be found in the role of mommy 24/7. You will also find her blogging at her personal site,, collecting old vinyl records, and watching life-changing documentaries.

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