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There’s been a large gap in time between my last director daily but trust and believe, a lot has been going on with the documentary.

Since July, I have been working more on the Kinloch site, launched the Kinloch IG and Facebook page, celebrated my 27th birthday 🙂 interviewed my father, shot some more B roll in Kinloch, and made contact with several other former residents who have agreed to support the film via interview and/or providing additional names, photos, and footage.

I also started my media training program with ContinuitySTL – two classes in. Oh, I forgot to mention that I got accepted into the program – found out in mid-June. Out of 101 applicant, 10 of us made the cut. So far, we’ve discussed expectations for the program, made introductions, and learned the basic concepts of photography via note-taking and hands-on practice. Ironically, the first thing we did on week #2 was watch Emma Riley’s (my accountability partner) short film on Clayton. Definitely had a moment of “there’s no such thing as a coincidence” and “ok I see you God.

All in all, I’m learning to find my pace and balance all of my spinning plates. Between parenting, working part-time (hallelujah), managing my online thrift/vintage store, and just…, it has been challenging. Not hard. Just challenging. One thing I am growing to understand is that walking in purpose is never hard. The journey should feel challenging but you still feel encouraged at the end of the day. Making this film has been nothing short of challenging, nothing short of fun, nothing short of surprising, and nothing short of purposeful. I have been affirmed in this process a long time ago that I AM supposed to be telling the story of Kinloch. Most importantly, telling the story that only I can.

This is a message to anyone reading this post. If there is anything you can take away and apply to self, purpose is one hell of a ride to experience if you allow yourself to take the first step. Whenever I’m asked what made me want to do this film, it really didn’t have anything to do with the film in it of itself. My mere curiosity about the City of Kinloch was then ignited by the love and respect I have for my family and my desire to honor them. In a nutshell, I walked into this film and doors have been opening seamlessly.

Take the first step and rest assured, you will see results.

Continue to follow my journey. I can’t guarantee clear and concise posts because I write off my vibes/how I feel/what I experienced for the day. I have no idea what the final product will look like. I am confident that it will be something beyond my wildest dreams.