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This morning I met with Justine Blue: City Manager of Kinloch. I learned her maiden name is Wells and we are apparently some “kin” to each other, which is of no surprise to me.

The conversation with her was beyond fruitful – ┬ámore than I anticipated it would be when I arrived. She was born and raised in Kinloch and has been serving as the city manager for 5 years.

She’s speaks with so much passion about the city and being a part of the few who want to save it. Even though she’s well aware it will never be what it once was, she’s been working to salvage whatever is left of the city and turn it into something useful and impactful. She was very open and candid about the good, bad, and ugly that is Kinloch and the people that had a hand (and continue to have a hand) in Kinloch’s plight. She gave me her commentary on her vision for the city and her desire to see it move forward with genuine hearted/well-intentioned people. She has agreed to be interviewed for the film and we are working out the dates/times.

Stay tuned.