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I spent my entire evening playing around with the Kinloch website. It was my first time viewing the site again since we first purchased the domain last month and I see that Devin has been putting in a lot of hours.

I created the template for the “Kinloch Crew” page where I’ll be posting images and brief bios of the production team and I also decided to stick with what I know along the lines of content creation.

I’ll have blog postings titled, Director Daily, where I plan to keep everyone up-to-date on the progress of this film and an inside scoop into my own personal journey as director (hence, this post). I want to approach this project with as much transparency and authenticity as possible and I know how to best do that with my writing; telling my story. I get so caught up in research and comparing myself to other filmmakers and their process that I quickly lose sight of my own.

When the film is done, I want to remember this space; this feeling. I want to remember the time where all I did was brain dump at 2am and was crazy enough to believe that this could happen; crazy enough to believe that I could be the one to tell the story. Low and behold, its happening.