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My Aunt Violet, another Kinlochian (as I’ve heard it called) passed away today. That now makes both of my Grandparents, Uncle Pee Wee, Aunt April, Uncle Russell, and now her.

My father is the last surviving sibling from grandparents. However, I have two remaining half uncles and a half aunt. *I hate the word half and step. They are my aunts and uncles but wanted to provide context.*

It definitely feels like another blow. Another funeral to plan for and another obituary to strategically hide when I bring it home so I don’t have to see it.  While somber, I stand motivated. This was my main reason for the film. Not just to tell the story of Kinloch, but because those closest to me, my bloodline, are leaving this earth one by one. My family has experienced so much loss in such a short amount of time that with each loss, there goes another story.

When I made the decision to do this film, I learned so much about Kinloch and how much it meant to my family. I see faces light up when I ask questions about their childhood and how much time they remanence mid conversation. I was too young to remember Kinloch. My grandparents had already moved out of the city by the time I was born and other family members scattered all throughout North County, STL.

But this is why. EXACTLY why. I want to know more about my family; their stories; my story; my history. I want to honor the Flowers legacy before the good Lord sees fit to call anymore of us home.

Keep my family lifted in prayer, please. I am motivated to finish this film more now than ever. For the Flowers Family; for Kinloch.

Violet Flowers. Love.